Our entire reason for being is to serve our clients as an Agent of Change®.


LA ads brings the full spectrum of marketing strategies to bear in order to look at and solve marketing challenges from every angle. Utilizing award-winning artists and senior-level professionals with proven credentials, LA ads offers its clients the following services:

Strategic Marketing Counsel

Perhaps the most valuable asset we bring to the party is our absolute belief that all marketing activities can only succeed if they are built upon a solid platform of strategic planning. We work with our clients to help them find alignment between their marketing program and their business goals. Combining our objectivity with the resources of our many diverse backgrounds and experiences, we consult with and advise our clients on every phase of the marketing process, from product R&D through the various links in the distribution chain and onto the ultimate consumer. We faithfully apply the proven disciplines of marketing to provide our clients with a meaningful advantage in the marketplace. In an increasingly complex, competitive environment, we believe each brand needs a strong strategic center from which it can move forward

Advertising Creative & Production

LA ads has a long proven track record of developing highly effective, “Dare to be Different” creative marketing executions, from inventive logo designs to “sticky” Web sites, from small-space print ads to long-form infomercials. Included on our staff, and within our stable of outside resources, is a team of nationally-acclaimed, award-winning writers, artists, photographers and producers. While we strive to assure that every client’s work bears their own unique stamp (and not ours), our creative philosophy dictates that every project we create has in common our First and Second Laws of Creativity:
1) Advertising that doesn’t sell is a waste.
2) Advertising that doesn’t jump out of the clutter can’t sell.
Whether it’s developing an idea with the power to disrupt a category or simply resonate with a customer on a deeper level, we’re able to deliver consistently impactful and potent messaging across the marketing spectrum. Again, that’s what it means to be an Agent of Change.

Online & Social Media Marketing

We have extensive experience in providing solutions for our clients in the realm of new and emerging media. These include Websites, social media, Web-based applications, interactive CDs and DVDs, and on-line marketing/promotions. But unlike agencies who live exclusively in the online world, we view every project in relation to the total marketing experience, how it integrates with every other aspect of the client’s branding and communications programs.

Direct Response Marketing

With years of highly successful “in-the-trenches” experience, we are capable of delivering virtually any product straight to the consumer utilizing the direct response model of marketing. We take pride in the results we consistently produce for our clients. LA ads provides specialized DR services based on the client’s needs, including top quality print and broadcast production, insightful media planning, fulfillment support, and daily tracking and reporting of responses. Whether the budget is only a few thousand dollars a month or hundreds of thousands per week, our clients find they can depend on us to skillfully analyze response, react quickly to media and market changes, and deliver results. Call now. Operators are standing by!

General Media

We provide our clients complete planning and buying of all forms of media, from community newspapers to national magazines, local spot cable to network television, and of course, the Internet. LA ads has the expertise, the capabilities and the tools to extensively plan and orchestrate a successful media campaign, identify target audiences, strategize niche and ethnic market opportunities, research competitive spending, and analyze results. Our depths of media knowledge, quick turnaround and expert negotiation skills have made LA ads an invaluable resource for results-dependent marketers.

Public Relations

We see PR as a critical part of the overall marketing program, and we work to unify the message carried in advertising with that presented to the editorial press. Our public relations team is available to provide clients complete PR support, either on an ongoing or as-needed basis. Some of the public relations activities we conduct for our clients are: new product launch announcements, recruitment and promotion of celebrities, wire releases, one-on-one interviews, feature pitches with top-tier media, trade show coverage, special event marketing, press conferences, media tours and crisis management. Any opportunity in which a positive public image can be forwarded, we see as an integral part of our role as our client’s marketing advocate.


In addition to subscribing to a number of primary and secondary research services, we retain several outstanding research consultants whose backgrounds cover a wide range of industries and research products. We can provide our clients pre-and post-testing, customized or packaged market analyses, competitive analyses, focus group testing, phone and Internet surveys, personal interview studies and more. These services can be utilized in whatever way best suits the client’s market intelligence requirements.


As we have said, the buck doesn’t stop at advertising. We employ equal creative energy in product merchandising and sales promotion, beginning with assessing our clients’ actual merchandising needs. In many cases, we come up with ideas for merchandising before our clients do. A sample of some of the merchandising we create includes sales training videos, newsletters, in-store displays, spiff programs, trade show exhibits, sales kits, counter cards, shelf talkers, and product placement.

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